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LoĒ³ 366® glass is not just the best of "low emissivity" glass, but the cutting edge of energy efficiency in building materials. Enjoy a more comfortable home environment, cut fading caused by UV light, and pay less for electricity. Best off all, Tropical Wholesale doesn't charge for this fantastic feature - it is included standard in all of our recommended windows. That's right, we give it to you for FREE!

As if LoĒ³ 366® glass doesn't save you enough money already, it also qualifies your windows for a 30% tax credit, up to $1500! Read more about the efficiency tax credit.

For more information, visit the official Edgetech I.G. website.


  • Cost savings on electricity bills
  • Superior temperature regulation
  • Unparalleled UV protection
  • Tax credit eligible

Performance Comparison

Product Visible Light Transmittance Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Winter U-Factor [Air/Argon] UV Fading Transmission
Single-pane, clear 90% .86 1.04/--- .71 .84
Double-pane, clear 81% .76 .48/-- .56 .74
Ordinary low-e 75% .72 .35/.31 .44 .63
LoĒ³ 366® 66% .27 .29/.24 .05 .43
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