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It isn't by chance that Tropical Wholesale is Hawaii's largest and most popular solution for windows, doors, roofing, siding, and patios. It's about trust - our customers trust us to get the job done right and done well, on-time and on-cost. We take your trust seriously.

Longer History

Do you know if the company that installed your windows, siding, roof, or patio is still around? If you chose Tropical Wholesale you do.

Our family business has been locally owned and operated for over 50 years, over three generations of our family. Over that time, our business has survived through economic recessions and major hurricanes, and has even operated the island's first window factory. Not a single one of our original competitors is still around, but our family business is here to stay. Some of the other guys warranty their workmanship like we do, but what happens when they go out of business? A warranty from Tropical Wholesale is a promise you know you can trust.

More Experienced

The foremen that lead our project teams are veterans in the industry. In fact, our average foreman has been with us for 15 years. You can trust them to have the knowledge and capability to get the job done right every time.

The free estimates we offer are given only by qualified members of our family. We don't hire inexperienced salesmen to try to act as estimators, and that means we don't need to go find an expert and a calculator after seeing your project - we offer complete estimates in-person at the conclusion of over 99% of our home visits. We believe that if you can give an estimate on the spot, then you are experienced enough to do the job. A bad estimate costs money - that's why you can trust a Tropical Wholesale representative to be an honest and knowledgeable expert.

More Qualified

Tropical Wholesale operates under General Contractor licenses BC-27653 & BC-14660 (unlike some other guys who have no construction license at all). For you, that means a few things:

  1. We are held to the highest possible standards by the State of Hawaii. (Watch out - unlicensed contractors aren't held accountable by anyone!)
  2. We can handle everything from the ground up - we don't need to bring in expensive third-party contractors to help us get the job done.
  3. We won't void your existing warranties when we install new products (for example, the warranty on your roof would be safe if we installed a solar water heater for you).

Superior Products

Hawaii offers some of the harshest environments for buildings in the world. As part of our dedication to making sure you are happy with our work, Tropical Wholesale uses only the most durable products that have been chosen specifically for harsh tropical environments like ours. Most manufacturers' warranties are voided in Hawaii - a fact that some quick-talking salesmen will leave you to discover in the fine print after it's too late. Tropical Wholesale has specifically partnered with the highest-quality manufacturers - ensuring that your products are fully warrantied even here in Hawaii.

In an effort to bring our neighbors the toughest and most long-lasting products, Tropical Wholesale was the first in Hawaii to begin using durable vinyl siding and windows. Folks usually remember us by our old slogan, "Vinyl is final!" Vinyl has since become the standard of durability in Hawaii and a Tropical Wholesale staple. That's just one example of the fact that a product from Tropical Wholesale is one you can trust to withstand the test of time - even Hawaiian time!

Lower Prices

As one of Hawaii's largest home specialty contractors, Tropical Wholesale already has strong purchasing power. But as the authorized Costco contractor for Hawaii, we are able to combine that purchasing power with other Costco contractors from around the United States. That is how you can trust us to have higher-quality products at lower prices than any of the other guys.

Before you choose any of the other guys, ask yourself:
"Could I trust them as much as I can trust Tropical Wholesale?"

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