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Never paint your Hawaii home again, use liquid vinyl siding!

Are you tired of painting your house every 4-5 years? Liquid vinyl siding can eliminate the hassle and expense of conventional paint. It is a particularly outstanding product in harsh tropical environments like Hawaii's - liquid vinyl siding won't crack, peel, or fade like paint.

Liquid vinyl siding is one of Tropical's specialty - not only are we an authorized installer in Hawaii that will ensure you receive your full warranty, we also have a special relationship with the manufacturer which allows us to purchase this product at unbelievable prices!

Not just walls... Trim, eaves, and more!

Call Tropical for an on-site consultation or stop by and talk to us at our showroom on S. Beretania St. in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Liquid Vinyl Siding Features

  • 35 year warranty* against:
    • Fading
    • Peeling
    • Chipping
    • Cracking
  • Available in any color (can even be color matched)
  • Will not alter structural appearance
  • Tough and durable (10 to 15 times thicker than paint)
  • Bridges and seals cracks of up to 1/8" thick
  • 603% expansion capability means it can withstand an incredibly wide range of temperatures
  • Exceptionally breathable to avoid substrate rot (rated at 15.3 perms)
  • Completely waterproof
  • Impervious to termites


  • Eliminate painting altogether
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Superior weather resistance

* When installed by an authorized contractor like Tropical Wholesale

Liquid Vinyl Siding
Pay about as much as paint...
And never pay again!
Liquid Vinyl Siding
Not just walls...
Trim, eaves, and more!
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